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     Corporate Social Responsibilities


We know and believe that social welfare is a responsibility. For that we are concerned about the society and its people. This is why every year we allocate a good amount of budget to carry out some corporate social responsibilities (CSR).

Since the last couple of years we have donated cement all over the country for building schools, mosques, bridges, etc. Our engineers provide support in designing and other necessary preparatory work. We also sponsor some educational institutions and other organizations in the rural areas to organize various kinds of events.

Healthcare is one of our focus areas. This is why we provided arsenic free tube well for safe drinking water and sanitation wares in rural areas.

Apart from all these, we hold a number of occasions to distribute blankets during winter, food items during eid holidays, relief packages during floods, etc. We have always tried to be at the forefront in responding to the needs of the disadvantaged people in and around our operations at the trying times.

The local community has also been supported by the improvements in basic community infrastructures like construction of mosques, concrete walkways, drains etc.

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