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 Health and Safety    Rules

RESPONSIBILITY: Line management is responsible for Health & Safety implementation, communication and compliance.
TRAINING: Employees, managers and contractors must be trained to work safely and manage Health & Safety in their area.
EVERYONE: Everyone working for Premier Cement, including Contractors, must respect Health & Safety rules.
IMPROVEMENT: All units must have an annualized Health & Safety improvement plan as part of the Performance Plan.
ORGANIZATION: All units must have a Health & Safety committee, composed of managers and relevant experts and partners.
COMPLIANCE: All units must comply with the Group Health & Safety standards.
REPORTING: All incidents and accidents must be reported at the appropriate level, investigated and learning’s shared.
TRANSPARENCY: Safety results must be visibly communicated to everyone.
MEASUREMENT: All operations must be regularly audited against the company policy, Health & Safety and Management Systems and Standards.
SUPPORT: Health & Safety Organization must be resourced and trained to provide support to the line management.

Health and safety are absolute priorities for Premier Cement. The company has implemented a stringent safety policy for its employees and subcontractors. It also participates in public health programs that benefit both employees and local communities.

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