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Premier Cement manufactures superior quality cement for the customers using fully automated manufacturing facilities, well equipped laboratory and computerized individual raw material feeding system.

Our manufacturing plant was purchased from the world renowned German brand SCHENCK. Our dedicated team ensures continuous process, quality of production, and weekly calibration of the weigh feeder to determine the accurate feeding proportion of raw materials.

Currently Manufactured Cement Types

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC): Ordinary Portland Cement Type-I is the most common type of cement in use around the world. It is a basic ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco and most non-specialty grout cement. It is a fine powder produced by grinding clinker (95%) and a limited amount of Gypsum which controls the setting time. It conforms with the Bangladesh Standard BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM-I 42.5 N and 52.5 N, European Standard EN 197 type CEM I, and American Standard ASTM C 150 Type-I mark.

Portland Composite Cement (PCC): Premier Cement also manufactures Portland Composite Cement in response to the local demand as it is the most common type of cement used in Bangladesh. This type of cement basically consists of Clinker, Slag, PFA (Pulverized Fly Ash), Gypsum, and Limestone. It fully confirms with the Bangladeshi Standard BDS EN 197-1:2003 CEM II/AM or BM 42.5N.

We deliver Premier Cement in 50 kg bags.

Premier Cement has a lot of strength areas. A few of them are as follows

Exceptional Strength
The chemical composition and grinding fineness of our products are closely monitored in order to ensure compliance to Bangladeshi BDS EN, American ASTM, European EN, and Indian BIS standards. In reality, the quality of our products surpasses these standards thus providing exceptional strength to the customers.

Ideal Setting Time
In order to allow sufficient time for application, cement must have a proper initial setting time. However, once in place the final setting should not take too long. At Premier Cement, the ideal initial and final setting times are closely maintained.

Due to the factors mentioned above, the following results are evident:

      Performs better in earthquake zones.

      The concrete made out of Premier Cement becomes more durable due to less porosity.

      The hydration heat is less, resulting in less thermal crack and hair crack in the surface.

      Limestone resists the concrete from chloride and sulfur attack.

      Mortar remains rich because Premier Cement requires less remixing with water.

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